Important Date
Early Bird Registration
and Payment Received
By 31st July 2014
Delegate 320 €
Accompanying Person 115 €
Normal Registration From 1st August 2014
Delegate 360 €
Accompanying Person 150 €
Main Dates of Conference
Thursday, 16th October 2014
- Awards Ceremony
- Opening Ceremony and Dinner
Friday, 17th October 2014
- Plenary Session
Saturday, 18th October 2014
- Plenary Session
- Closing Dinner
Sunday, 19th October 2014
- Tour for delegates and accompanying persons
Welcome Message
Message From
Gp.Capt. Veerayuth Didyasarin
President of Royal Aeronautics Sports Association of Thailand

The fact that The Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand was selected to host the 108th FAI General Conference during October 14 – 18, 2014 in Pattaya, Thailand, is a testimony to the country’s strong commitment to aeronautic sport. Thailand’s aviation heritage has been established as far as 1911 and Thailand has become member of the FAI since 1979.


The 108th FAI General Conference will not only provide the platform for the gathering of its member but it is also an international forum for members to put forward their opinions and provide suggestions to the improvement and development of global air sport activities.


Pattaya, the venue of the conference, offers a wealth of tourist attractions, cultural experiences, and sightseeing venues. This is a city that has a wonderful mix of heritage and tradition, along with a superb collection of historical attractions that will leave a visitor in awe. Thailand has earn the reputation for its legendary hospitality, and hence, its name as the “Land of Smiles.” For this reason, it has long been a popular destination for conferences, where it is the perfect place to combine business with pleasure.


I am certain that there will be successful outputs and rich exchange of ideas emanating from the 108th FAI General Conference. We are looking forward to welcoming you all to Pattaya in October 2014. We are sure that you will find the time to enjoy the beautiful and vibrant city of Pattaya, as well as, the Thai warm hospitality.

Message From FAI President
John Grubbstorm
FAI President

Dear Delegates, The 108th FAI General Conference will be held in Pattaya, Thailand, in a few months' time. As the President of FAI, I look forward to meeting you all there.


The General Conference is FAI's supreme body and as such is the right and proper place to further enhance the strategy and structure of our Federation in order to provide for great development in air sports. In that sense, your participation will bring an invaluable contribution that will lead to decisions of long-lasting importance.


Your presence at the Conference will also give you the opportunity to exchange ideas during informal face-to-face discussions outside of the Sessions; for me, it will be a chance to get to know you better on a personal level.


The evening before the opening of the Sessions will be one of the highlights of the year for FAI: the 2014 FAI Awards Ceremony, which will celebrate the contributors to aviation. The new Angelo d'Arrigo Diploma, established this year by the FAI Environmental Commission, will be presented for the first time, along with the other prestigious FAI Awards and the FAI-Breitling Awards.


2014 will be a rich year in terms of competitions, records, air sports activities and strategy. The Conference will be the occasion to review it together and evaluate the progress that has been made.


In conclusion, I would like to warmly thank the Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand, and Group Captain Veerayuth Didyasarin, President, for their substantial work and organisational skills in the preparation of the Conference which will undoubtedly be a memorable occasion.


We hope that the FAI Conference will also provide an opportunity for you to discover Thailand.


I wish you all a successful Conference and an enjoyable time in Pattaya!

Mr Tangku Abdillah's
Testimonial and Invitation Draft

Dear delegates of FAI,


I am pleased to inform you about the 108th FAI General Conference which will be held in Pattaya, 14-18 October 2014. I would like to invite you to participate in the sessions which shape the direction of the FAI's strategy.


As I have been to Thailand many times, the country's warm hospitality and relax atmosphere with its strong commitment to aeronautic sport since 1979 makes it a perfect destination for the conference. Pattaya, the conference venue, has long been a famous city among business travelers and visitors alike from all over the world for its unique experience that consists of cultural attractions and modernity. I would highly recommend that you register for the conference and take this opportunity to rejuvenate in Thailand.


As a result, I am confident that the 108th FAI General Conference will achieve its fruitful deliberations. Furthermore, I believe that the ideas which spawn from the conference will help us enhance FAI capability as an international organization which aims to further aeronautical and astronautical activities worldwide. I look forward to seeing and discussing with you both in the sessions and on a personal level in Thailand.

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